Introducing Spencil the cloud! We thought it was about time that we give you the backstory on this fluffy little dream of a character. Spencil comes from a dreamy land filled with imagination and creativity. The sky is always a pastel hue of blue and pink and the smell of freshly baked goods is carried in the wind. Where Spencil comes from every cloud is encouraged to express themselves and dream big! You can be whoever you want to be and not even the sky is the limit when it comes to following your dreams. Spencil hovers over all his Spencil Stars sprinkling inspiration over them to grow and learn in imaginative and artistic ways.

The full collection of Spencil goodies has now landed!

You can now share your lunch with Spencil, choose from our Lunch Bags, made from a neoprene fabric which means it can be thrown into the washing machine. Or our Twin Top Lunch Box which features 2 large zipped sections, a food safe lining and a
name label.

Get arty and decorate anything and everything with the Puffy Cloud Stickers, these little guys look awesome stuck on the back of a phone! Or on the front of your books for that extra little flare. Each one has a different expression, which one reminds you
most of you?

Nod off to dream land with our Cloud Lamp, there really couldn’t be a cuter addition to your bedside table. This nightlight is battery operated and exclusively in stores.

There are 2 new Spencil the Cloud pencil cases, we have the Rectangle Pencil Case made from fabric with a PVC zipper and the A4 Stationery Case which is a clear PVC case great for storing bigger accessories.

To fill up that pencil case we have a whole new set of pens and pencils featuring the cloud print and an A4 Softcover Notebook that has Spencil the Cloud floating about the inside pages.

Don’t forget about a Spencil the Cloud Book Cover! Keep your school books protected from wear and tear with our easy, slip on, plastic covers.

You can shop the full Cloud collection here.