Our boy Pixel is from the most exciting virtual world, where skateboarding around solving problems is the game and levelling up is the aim! Pixel, his dog Digi and his friends go on adventures all over the land dodging spiders and scouting out those bonus points! We had a quick chat to Pixel where he told us a little bit more about himself, check it out.

Age: 8 years old

 Height: 140cm

 Favourite lunch box item: Sandwiches (must be cut into triangles) 

 Favourite subject: Maths, need to be able to keep track of high scores!

 Favourite animal: Dogs!

 Favourite adventure: How could I pick?! Everyday at school is an adventure, if I get to level up quickly that’s great because I’ve learned something new. But sometimes it’s when you have to really work at something that it becomes the greatest adventure, you always get bonus points for trying your hardest!