A better, kinder choice

We put a lot of thought into what makes kids happy, thriving little human beings… the confidence to be themselves, connection to love and belonging, a sense of wonder about and enthusiasm for the natural world, friendships, feeling capable and validated for who they are.

We think about the things occupying your mind because, like you, we’re parents. We’re a family business located in the hills of Pine Mountain in South East Queensland, where we balance planning how to make your and your kids’ world a brighter, kinder, more connected place… with school pick-ups, sports days and play dates.

We’re parents who are building a brand by talking to and listening to other parents about their needs and what they want for their kids.

We’re continually adapting and evolving but some things (our core beliefs) will always remain.

We reject and rail against the idea of ‘exclusive’ kids brands that can be used for status. At Spencil, we strive to foster ‘inclusivity’. We price our range to be as affordable as we can and we make products to last.

We celebrate diversity and individual differences by providing a range of styles that, hopefully, offer something uplifting to every child.

We love collaborating with our customers and want to hear your ideas (One mum said her kid suggested sloths. Love it! Stay tuned; they’ll be here in their own good time).

As for ‘using a brand for status’, it’s everything we are not. We are intentionally reducing the size and shifting the position of our Spencil badge to make it less prominent. It’s our reminder to ourselves about what we will never want to be.


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