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Spencil Best Sellers

By Spencil 12 October 2017 6 Views No comments

Some of our best sellers are back! We are super excited to announce that we have restocked your favourite items in your favourite prints. We also thought we would take this time to highlight some other classic Spencil products!

We have brought back the Twin Top Lunch Box's in Woof! and Everyday is a Sundae, these lunch boxes have 2 large inner sections, a printed name label and a food safe lining. We have also brought back the Paris Girl Lunch Box, which is made from an oh so chic soft canvas along with our Paris Girl Rectangle Pencil Case. Is there a more vogue way to store stationery? We don’t think so!

Did you know about our Nail Art Pens? We have so much fun with these pens! They make designing your own nail art super easy and fun, our personal favourite nail art design is dots on one hand and stripes on the other. These pens come in two different colour sets, primary and neon.

All these products are online and in stores now, but get in quick, they are best sellers for a reason and they won’t last long!


Lulu & Pearl Party Competition Winner

By Spencil 29 September 2017 12 Views No comments

Meet Paris Girl

By Spencil 13 September 2017 8 Views No comments


By Spencil 28 August 2017 18 Views No comments

This week we are introducing a group of friends that are absolutely bursting with cuteness! Our Sundae Sweeties live in a world where Everyday is a Sundae!

Introducing Lulu and Pearl

By Spencil 23 August 2017 26 Views No comments

Lulu and Pearl have been best friends forever, they live high on a hill in neighbouring houses, both girls adore parties filled with balloons and yummy cake!

Get to Know Panda

By Spencil 1 August 2017 49 Views No comments

Get to Know Pixel

By Spencil 17 July 2017 70 Views No comments

Panda Mask Competition Winners

By Spencil 30 April 2017 44 Views No comments

Happy Easter from Spencil

By Spencil 4 April 2017 36 Views No comments

 We hope you all had a very Happy Easter! We celebrated the holiday this year with a Spencil Easter Egg  Hunt online and a Design Your Own Easter Egg Competition in our Spencil stores, giving you the chance to WIN!

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Twelve of the World’s Weirdest and Wackiest Sports

By Spencil 1 April 2017 58 Views No comments

There really is something for everyone…

1. Cheese Rolling
Although this might sound a little more like the feeling you have after Christmas when there’s an abundance of Cheese Boards, this is actually a sport – and with cultural background too! Although the exact origin of Cheese Rolling is unknown, some trace the tradition all the way back to the Ancient Romans. In the game, competitors stand at the top of a steep grassy knoll, and roll a 4kg wheel of double Gloucester cheese simultaneously. The first player to catch his speeding roll of cheese is deemed victorious. Sounds simple? Not so much when you’re wheel of cheese is rolling at speeds of over 110kmph.

Source: Daily Mail