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Get to Know Panda

By Spencil 1 August 2017 8 Views No comments

Panda is our super loveable Flower Child. She’s obsessed with picking flowers, enjoying their sweet and delightful scents, and making flower crowns to dance around in. As she wanders through fields finding new and exciting flowers to smell, Panda makes a few friends along the way with all the beautiful lady beetles, birds and butterflies. Here's a little bit about Panda:

  • Favourite Colour: My favourite colours are psychedelic, groovy shades of green, pink, yellow and purple.
  • Favourite Thing to Do: Making flower crowns and dancing!
  • Favourite Subject: Horticulture - I love learning more about plants and flowers!
  • Favourite Spencil Item: I love my Desk Drawers so I can store all my knick knacks I find, and My Journal so I can write about all my adventures!


Get to Know Pixel

By Spencil 17 July 2017 18 Views No comments

Panda Mask Competition Winners

By Spencil 30 April 2017 16 Views No comments

Happy Easter from Spencil

By Spencil 4 April 2017 12 Views No comments

 We hope you all had a very Happy Easter! We celebrated the holiday this year with a Spencil Easter Egg  Hunt online and a Design Your Own Easter Egg Competition in our Spencil stores, giving you the chance to WIN!

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Twelve of the World’s Weirdest and Wackiest Sports

By Spencil 1 April 2017 10 Views No comments

There really is something for everyone…

1. Cheese Rolling
Although this might sound a little more like the feeling you have after Christmas when there’s an abundance of Cheese Boards, this is actually a sport – and with cultural background too! Although the exact origin of Cheese Rolling is unknown, some trace the tradition all the way back to the Ancient Romans. In the game, competitors stand at the top of a steep grassy knoll, and roll a 4kg wheel of double Gloucester cheese simultaneously. The first player to catch his speeding roll of cheese is deemed victorious. Sounds simple? Not so much when you’re wheel of cheese is rolling at speeds of over 110kmph.

Source: Daily Mail


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Our Design Your Own Book Cover Competition 2017

By Spencil 17 March 2017 11 Views No comments

Every year we give you the chance to submit a design for the chance to have it printed on your very own Spencil Book Cover, which also becomes a part of our yearly back to school range.

11 Ways to Have Your Kids Coming Home with an Empty Lunchbox

By Spencil 10 March 2017 6 Views No comments

1. Make it Colourful

We all know we eat with our eyes! The more vibrant and exciting a kid’s lunch looks, the more chance there is of  them completely demolishing it all, with no crumbs left to spare. Why not try cutting sandwich shapes with a cookie-cutter to create an edible puzzle, or even pack a rainbow of veggie sticks; celery, carrot, capsicum, with a cloud of hummus to accompany it.

Cover All Your Bases

By Spencil 31 January 2017 8 Views No comments

We know how hard using contact is. We’ve tried ourselves and we know it’s no easy feat. Look, we’ll even admit to cutting corners just so the ordeal is over and done with. We decided we were done with the drama, so we started making our own range of Spencil Book Covers.

Tips to Get Kids to do their Homework

By Spencil 30 January 2017 14 Views

As soon as the word “homework” is mentioned, most of us will groan and roll our eyes. Both school and the workplace are the same - no one really wants to be taking their work home – home is meant for fun and relaxation right? Well, in school, homework is still a major part of any child’s learning, whether they love it or hate it.