About Spencil

Spencil is Australian owned and designed, bringing quality and affordable school and lifestyle products, stationery and accessories to families. You might know us from our popular slip-on Book Covers that come in all our Spencil collection designs - they are non-toxic and really easy to use, the perfect alternative to using adhesive contact! We've since grown and now have a diverse range of products suited to all ages and personalities. 

Explore the Spencil World

In the land of Spencil, you are inspired to dream BIG. The Spencil world is filled with fun and colour, where you can meet adventurous, spectacular and wondrous characters that will get you excited about learning and creativity. You’ll find foxes, monster trucks, skateboarders, ladybugs, pandas, magical ponies, our Sundae sweeties and so many more fun characters! Spencil the Cloud is the champion of the Spencil world, shining positivity and creativity onto all our Spencil friends, encouraging kids everywhere to tap into their imagination with Spencil products and treat every day like an adventure. Everyone is invited to explore the Spencil world.

Our Products

Get equipped for school with the Spencil range of backpacks, drink bottles, lunch boxes and bags, pencil cases and all your stationery essentials. Then take your Spencil look to the weekends and holidays with your own #SpencilStyle. We have a vast range of fashion accessories, lipglosses, jewellery and more to add a hint of Spencil to your own wardrobe. Everything at Spencil is designed with love and comes in a range of prints featuring our Spencil characters.

Mummy’s Wish

Did you know, 13 families around Australia EVERY DAY find out that their Mum has cancer? Spencil is very proud to be supporting the amazing work of the Mummy’s Wish charity. Mummy's Wish help Australian families, with children aged under 12, through the provision of practical, immediate and non-means-tested support whilst their Mum is receiving treatment for cancer. If you’d also like to support this inspiring charity’s work, visit www.mummyswish.org.au, or shop our Spencil products and know you’re contributing to a good cause.